Thursday, 15 October 2009

Plenty More Fish in the Sea....Number Two!

Seeing as the original 'Plenty More Fish in the Sea' scarflette was snapped up in under 12 hours of being on Etsy, I thought it might be a good idea to make another one, just in case anyone out there was cursing being too slow on the uptake! This one is knitted in a varigated pure wool yarn in shades of blue with a touch of purple. It is slightly larger than the previous scarflette, mainly because I had more of this yarn! It is trimmed with the small brown wooden fish, but this time also has tiny blue wooden disc beads in between the fish and large turquoise fish at the corners.

It has the same extra lengths of crocheted curly-wurly ends , this time making it long enough to be tied around your waist...even round my waist! A very versatile little number, and would look great with anything denim.

Just received a large parcel of deep blue alpaca yarn that I ordered to make a very intricate chunky lace jumper for myself. The challenge is, can I finish it in time to take on holiday with this space!

Todays potato is No.88, leaving 10 more to do. If I had the technical ability, I'd have a little 'countdown' counter.......
Someone at work asked me what I am painting the potatoes in....acrylics I replied.
She pondered for a while, then asked 'why acrylics? Do they preserve the potato or something?'
Rather than smack my head against a brick wall several times in disbelief, I pointed out that I'm illustrating a book - and quickly walked away...


Laura said...

Ha! Now I have a vision of you sat there carefully applying paint to potatoes! Only ten more - almost there!

The scarflette is fab. Gorgeous blue.

Magpie Magic said...

LOL I am still in stitches just thinking about your face when you heard that question... Are you painting faces on the potatoes? ROFL

Scarflette is really cute. Would look great over a pair of jeans wearing it low at the hips. Very versatile garment... now I just have to sort out my hips. LOL Thinking a saw might do the job. :-)