Monday, 9 November 2009


How to construct a knitted rabbit hutch....that has been the conundrum on my mind the past few days. In the end I used a cardboard box, whittled down to sized with some cunning scissorwork and masking tape, which was then lined with Ingres pastel paper in a nice woody brown. I spent an inordinate amount of time knitting a box cover for it - first a rectangle, then picking up stitches on each edge separately and knitting the sides, which were then sewn together. This had to be then slipped over the box and stitched all round with about half an inch of the knitwork folded over into the box - ouch, my fingers!

The hutch door caused me more problems - I had cut the right shape out of card and then cut out the central hole. How then to cover the remaining shape...... in the end I resorted to winding yarn around it as tight as I could, using tacky glue to keep it in place, with a bit of jiggerypokery around the corners. The mesh was sewn and woven with grey wool, with a bit of fabric stiffener applied overnight. I still have to work out a nice child-friendly catch to keep that rabbit in! Oh, and he has a knitted boucle straw-coloured mat inside to represent...well, straw!

Next on the agenda, how to knit a lettuce leaf.......

I finally finished the complicated chunky lace pullover for myself - there is no way I could have completed it before going on holiday, the sewing together alone took me a whole evening. It is knitted in pure alpaca yarn, called Peru I think, in the shade 'blanket'. I didn't notice until blocking it that the yarn formed quite distinctive stripes even though it was all from the same batch. Whether or not this fades with washing, I don't mind as it is a quite nice effect.

I love the way the extra long sleeves with their 'U' shaped finish go almost right over my hands - a definite plus in the cold weather, expecially for someone like me who suffers from cold fingers at the best of times. No photo of me modelling it - far too cold today to be taking clothes off and on!


Magpie Magic said...

WOW, your rabbit hutch is totally fab! Really amazing. The work that's gone into it and all the planning... rather you than me!

Love the jumper, looks great and the striping works quite well. Is it handpainted yarn? In which case it would be quite normal.

Well done you and have fun witht he lettuce leaf. Crochet... I'd say, rather than knitting.

fhiona galloway said...

that looks like a nice cozy jumper :0)
Well done you!

Helz said...

I LOVE the rabbit and hutch Caroline... you are soooo clever! Helz x

soggibottom said...

You will have to ask Kat about the comment I always leave about anything rabbitttttttttyyyyy on her blog. I have a great love for the fluffy's.....I don't have one anymore.
This guy has been really well thought out. The money you could have saved me on rabbit food!

soggibottom said...

P.s. I really think you should model the beautiful jumper..... x x x

natural attrill said...

I like the 'U' shape sleeve design on this jumper.

natural attrill said...

oh yes, and forgot to say how effective that rabbit hutch is, clever you!

Sarah Summers said...

lovely jumper Caroline, beautiful colour too.