Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Yawn.....more holiday snaps....

I'm afraid due to one of my dogs vomiting copiously several times yesterday on just about every rug in the house and having to be rushed to the vet, any idea of painting had to be shelved. (The dog is fine today by the way, just old and rickety....)

Also, as my holiday snaps were ready yesterday, I spent the evening putting them into an album so only spent an hour or so fashioning a rabbit's head with knitting - I have been commissioned to make a miniature of someone's pet. Who'd have thought I'd ever make money immortalising pets in wool.......

So I am sorry, but here are a few more picturess of Boston. Our choice of subject matter is sometimes a little obscure, but I hope you can appreciate what appealed to us in these photographs.

This is the West India Goods Store in Salem - the original building, and just like something out of Little House on the Prairie!

I spent a great deal of time hand-feeding sparrows! I love all birds and the novelty of these little guys being so tame never got old.

Instead of walking round the Freedom Trail, you could go on a Segway tour - how mad is that?

This was just beautiful.

Macy's - we eventually had a look inside and were a little disappointed to see it was just another department store, albeit very plush and lovely. I think I had visions of it being like a movie set inside or something!

One of those pictures that just seem to work, the clock tower in Boston at night.

We got a little lost while hiking the Freedom Trail and stumbled upon a busy fruit and vegetable market. When I looked at the road, I discovered this amazing brass rubbish set into the tarmac - brilliant!

As no dog has been ill today and there are no outstanding potatoes to be painted, I'm off to try another jellyfish picture....


PG said...

LOL, reasons to be cheerful! :) I am very much enjoying your holiday snaps, so don't apologise!

Sallie said...

I enjoyed the photos of your holiday. Love the photo of the sailing ship. So beautiful.

I'm also glad to hear that the dog is OK.

fhiona galloway said...

sorry to hear about your dog Caroline :0((
Hope he /she is a little better?!
Great photos-reminds me of when I was in Boston a few years back :0)
The little shop reminds me of our friends house in Mass.

Magpie Magic said...

I love to see your snaps. I particularly like the one with the sailing ship (always wanted to be a pirate)and the brass rubbing.

Hope doggy is much better and you got some painting done.

purplecat said...

Oh I have been to Boston too!! lovely city :)
nice to visit your blog :)

Boomka said...

I gotta admit, I am not a regular bird feeder, but when I do, I always go out of my way to get the sparrow. I feel so bad for them cuz they are so little. Those fat ugly pigeons with their ebola and whatnot come bounding over and I'm like dude, get your own, I am feeding this tiny tiny bird here. That cant't be normal right? Yea. I figured.

natural attrill said...

Hello Caroline,
Just catching up with your blog, so many exciting new things! I'd love to have a go on one of those segway thingys.
Your Jeylly fish paintings, both of them, are absolutely beautiful.