Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ready to Go!

The little knitted saluki pup set is completed and up on Etsy ready to go. These little sets don't hang around for long, so don't procrastinate if you think you'd like to own him! Do note that if you ever want to commission a knitted puppy set in any particular colour or breed, I'll be very willing to take it on as long as it is feasible.

I met a very interesting old lady last week who has started doing stumpwork and brought along a few of her amazing pieces to show me. I was fascinated by the raised texture of this embroidery and although I don't feel motivated to embroider whole pictures with this technique, I would like to learn the basics in order to embellish the things I do make. So I bought a book in order to attempt to teach myself....wish me luck!

I also bought the Crocheting on the Edge book as I simply love my copy of Knitting on the Edge. I was fractionally disappointed that alot of the crochet edgings were so conservative, but that is just my personal opinion as I tend to lean towards the OTT. But there are definitely stitches and edgings I can and will use in the future. At the moment I am trying to decide how I will trim the above shawl which is on it's way to completion. The camera has not picked it up very well, but it is in pale blue cotton/cashmere, extremely fine yarn knitted in simple stocking stitch with seed beads scattered randomly like rain drops. I am torn between knitting an intricate lace edge or crocheting a frou-frou!


Magpie Magic said...

Cute set. :-)

I'd go with intricate knitted lace edging. I think a ruffle would be too much for the delicate knit. :-)


PG said...

Oooh, stumpwork! I've been tempted by that as well...when I worked at Waterstones we always had that book in stock; I'll be interested to see what you create. There was some connection between Samuel Palmer and a stumpwork box, which explains why his drawings were in the style that they are, and why he had such texture with his gums and inks, (but I need to go and look it up).

soggibottom said...

Fine stuff looks good with a fine edge. go for intricate.
I'm still trying to get over Mr October :-) x x x