Friday, 12 March 2010

Wisley Gardens

School trips when you are an adult can go one of two ways - either the day from hell from which there is no escape or a complete delight. Luckily, today fell into the latter category when we visited Wisley Gardens in Surrey.

Despite the trees still being bare and few flowers out due to the harsh winter we have had, there was still plenty to look at .

The crocuses and snowdrops were open, as well as these beautiful purple dwarf iris.

In a small greeenhouse there was a wonderful collection of alpine plants, including these delicate pale blue blooms.

In the large glass house, there was this amazing display of cacti.......

...and these spikes and palms.

In the main section of the glasshouse were some spectacular tropical flowers.

Here are just a couple of the stunning orchids that were growing amongst the giant ferns and banana plants.

My new camera is forgiven today - it performed well and I did not have to resort to giving it a damn good thrashing. I have many more pictures of orchids and vegetation which I am sure will come in handy as reference material for paintings in the future.

Wisley is well worth a visit although if I had my choice, I would go later in the year when the trees have leaves and more plants are out of the ground and flowering.


fhiona galloway said...

looks like a lovely place to wander round :0))
Glad the day went well for you :0)

Carol Lawecki said...

The gardens are Beautiful!! Glad you had a nice time on the field trip. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

soggibottom said...

I've been here. I used to make sure I had my Wisley carrier bag.
I used to take it everywhere I went when I would go on holiday, so they used to know where I came from....
No one ever did !
Ah the days before plastic was a no no.... bet you lost yourself in the banana's.... as long as you never lost the kids. You must have had another pair of eye's in the back of your head :-
x x x

Sallie said...

Lovely photos! It looks like it was a fun day.

Magpie Magic said...

Fab pictures. Looks like you had a fun day. :-) Love your orchid pictures in particular. :-) I love going to botanical gardens but always get into trouble for taking too many pictures. LOL