Thursday, 15 April 2010

April Showers Shawl

Thank goodness this is finally finished! Although the title is current, I actually started this way back at the beginning of March thinking that as the main part was in stocking stitch, it would be a quick knit. wrong I was!

It is knitted in a very, very fine cotton and cashmere mix yarn which is actually supposed to be used for machine knitting - now I know why! Although it may look at a distance like this has been knitted by a machine, I can personally vouch for the fact that every single stitch has been made by hand. In amongst the stocking stitch are randomly placed slightly iridescent clear glass seed beads, the idea being that they look like rain droplets.

The delicate lace edging was knitted afterwards, being joined to the main shawl as it progressed. there are seed beads scattered here too, as well as larger crystal-like beads at about four inch intervals along the very edge.

This is so light and delicate and very, very pretty - I am feeling quite smug that it turned out this way - it's my own combination of ideas and could have gone terribly wrong!

This will be for sale on Etsy in about five minutes......


Magpie Magic said...

Wow, this is absolutely fabulous and gorgeous and love. :-) And I haven't got really excited yet. LOL It's perfect and the edging and beads work so well. xo

Sallie said...

This shawl is soooooo beautiful. I love the beads randomly sprinkled about.