Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fun With Shells!

On Sunday, Midge from Soggibottom gave us a bag of shells she had collected from the beach in Devon - she was very self-deprecating about it and I don't think she realised just how much we love shells in our house and what a cool present it really was! Stacie and I had great fun this morning making a wind-chime out of them by hanging them on twine. Because the shells are so large, they make a really deep, rich clinking sound which is very musical. They won't be going outside though, just in case they get thrown about by the wind and broken.

While we were at it, we also re-created a shell hanging ornament that we had seen and liked in the local garden centre. I already had a load of white cockle shells, so I drilled holes in them and we strung them on lengths of twine which we then tied together to make a satisfying bundle.
Now we just have to find where we are going to hang our new treasures!


soggibottom said...

So pleased you loved the shells,
they are FREEEEEEEEEE and how can you not help yourself. I keep clicking on things on your blog and mine and coming back to mine. I had a trigger finger for a while !

More shells next beach visit.... promise....

x x x lots of love from Amie x x x
The small dog. Hi Clovis x

Magpie Magic said...

What a lovely present and what lovely mobile/wind chime you made. :-) They look great.

Laura said...

You and Stacie did a fab job. They look great!

natural attrill said...

Lovely shell ornament, I love shells!