Sunday, 25 April 2010


After being on show at the local Art Society exhibition, these three paintings have been sold.

I am surprised that both the jellyfish paintings sold quickly - I thought they might be a bit 'left-field'. Perhaps I should do more of this kind of work!

The three paintings that did not sell will now go in to my Etsy shop - perhaps they will find a home soon too!

I have been working on a private commission lately, but that is nearing completion - another couple of days should do it. After which, I shall be free for further commissions or to get on with my own choice of subject. If you are interested in commissioning a painting at any time, please do get in touch via the e-mail address at the top of the screen.


Magpie Magic said...

Wow, that's great news! I am so pleased for you and not surprised at all that the jellyfish sold quickly. They're lovely.

Good luck with those that haven't sold YET on Etsy. xo

Boomka said...

I love that you've got these private commissions coming in. That is so sweet! And really you can't get much different in styles than Jelly Fish and Squirrels. Dynamic!

soggibottom said...

I'm just going over to etsy :-)

x x x

Anonymous said...

one day I will own one of your paintings, just have to save up for the painting and the postage *sigh*