Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Out and About

We were supposed to go and see the Van Gogh exhibition at the Royal Academy in London today....but we didn't! Things did not bode well when the website said to expect three hour queues to get in, but I thought we'd pop by and check just in case. As you can see from the photo above, it was a tad crowded - all those people are in a queue outside the gallery. However, on the walk up to Piccadilly, we went into the National Portrait Gallery instead and checked out their Indian Portrait exhibit which was fascinating, and also saw the work of the Singh twins who I had never heard of but am so glad to have discovered.

Someone got ideas above their station and insisted on going into Fortnum & Mason's and spending her mother's hard-earned cash on maple syrup. Seeing her being served by a gentleman in a morning suit who called her 'madam' was worth it though!

Just down the road from the Royal Academy is this wonderful shop that sells Japanese cakes and sweets. Look at those bunny boxes!

We called in at the new Japanese Centre off Piccadilly - sushi for tea tonight.

And these apple & cinnamon pancakes, if anyone can bear to cut into them!

Leaving Piccadilly Circus, we walk past my favourite statue/fountain in the whole of London.

It is jammed into a corner (which is why I couldn't photograph it all without getting run over!) but the four horses are so magnificent it deserves to have been put somewhere far more central. My back garden for instance.....

Yesterday we visited an antiques centre - full of more than antiques though. I couldn't resist this... it just needs to be put in the right spot in the garden.

I rather liked this too - strangely I always seem to have a lot of new soaps that need a container, so that was a good excuse to make the purchase.

I am still painting/crafting, not just gadding about! By tomorrow I should have finished a very intricate shawl that has been taking up my time the past few weeks - watch this space.


Sallie said...

Looks like you had a great trip to London. Love the photos.

fhiona galloway said...

I love those horses!!
Looks like a great trip! Did you know that a scotch egg was invented by fortnum and masons? One of the whacky facts from those whacky weebl people.
I have a fortnum and masons jar that I keep my salt in...very nice :0))

natural attrill said...

Glad Stacie enjoyed F&M's !
I like those bunny boxes.