Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Family Portrait in Watercolour

As this family portrait has just gone to it's new home and a very happy client, I am free to show it to the world. This was painted purely in watercolour - I just love to use watercolours for portraits, but not many people ask for them. I was given a sheaf of photographs to work from, none of which were great as reference pictures but it was manageable. I had to combine the four children's faces from different photos, then ensure they were the relevant size and proportion when I sketched the initial layout. Please note this was all done by hand and eye - no digital trickery for me (can't do it!)

The girl on the left was painted using a back and white photo for the pose and a totally different photograph for her colouring - she nearly ended up with green eyes instead of blue but luckily I thought to ask before declaring the painting finished! This was one of the most enjoyable portraits I have painted - I was quite sorry when it was finished.

If you would like your family or pet painted for posterity, please do get in touch for a quote. I can work from photos sent to me by e-mail as long as they are clear and a good likeness. Check out my website (link at the top left of the blog) to see past commissions.

As I have no other paid work at the moment, I'm off to tackle another jellyfish painting - after the previous two selling so quickly the other day, I'm going to try and make it a hat-trick!


soggibottom said...

Well done Caroline.
x x x

Carol Lawecki said...

Excellent job on the watercolor!! Your artwork is all so awesome!

Boomka said...

Look at the mom in that picture! Wow she must be very happy with your work. What a beautiful family!

natural attrill said...

Nice work Caroline, I really like their hair, lovely subtle colours especially in the boys.
I hope some more commissions come your way soon.