Friday, 21 May 2010


Hooray for cool new stitches to learn - this is a Japanese feather stitch which meanders too and fro in a most satisfying way.

This is the reverse - almost as pretty as the front. I'm knitting this on 2mm needles in a ridiculously thin laceweight yarn in my favourite colours. It could take a while.

Hooray for my potatoes and runner beans growing at a terrific rate - just goes to show that looking at them twenty times a day really does make them grow faster...doesn't it?

Hooray for the first time I have managed to grow lettuce, ever! Yes, they are indeed planted in an old washing-up bowl.

And the biggest hooray goes to the fact that I have turned the corner on the painting I was having so much trouble with. I've cropped off about two thirds of it, so it doesn't look nearly as daunting and believe me, the psychological aspect of that makes all the difference. Today I managed to get quite a lot done and no longer feel like throwing my paints, brushes and that darn brown canvas under the nearest bus!


Laura said...

Great stitch, Caroline. I have a Japanese sock nkitting book and some of the stitches in that are just beautiful.

Glad your painting is coming along well.

Laura x

Magpie Magic said...

I love the stitch. Looks fabulous! And look at all your veg!!! They look great. :-) xo

Sallie said...

Love, love, love the shawl! Beautiful stitch, and I love the color.

Your veggies look really good. My daughter is trying to grow a vegetable garden this year. It's been hit and miss.