Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Good Moo-rning!

Although I've felt in the doldrums a bit over the past week, creatively speaking, this little lady has made an appearance.

A couple of months ago I designed this cow for a client of mine and actually had the foresight to write the pattern down as I went - amazing! Coming back to it I found the instructions a tiny bit garbled and a couple of errors where I'd changed the number of stitches and forgotten to write down the alteration, but it was clear enough to make Bossy here.

She'll be going into my Etsy shop later in the day - got to go to the day job this morning!

The reason I feel creatively bogged down is my latest painting - I saw some brown hessian canvases in an art shop in London and thought they looked cool. Well, yes, they are cool but also the worst thing I have ever painted on. My style involves small brushes and delicate paint application - rough, shiny hessian is not condusive to this method! Not only that, but I am painting a large sprig of apple blossom, which needs the delicate touch in order not to look like a cardboard cut-out. I don't often give up on a painting but I am coming close with this one!


fhiona galloway said...

oh moo! Well done Caroline :0))
Why not scrub your painting and do a more loose style on that canvas?

Caroline B said...

Hi Fhi - no, I'm afraid I can't scrub it without destroying the canvas, plus I have invested a lot of work into a little sparrow sitting among the blossom. I've reached a compromise though & have decided to crop it severely - scalpel here I come!

soggibottom said...

Ah, but can she lick your face :-)
I really like cows, well the font end anyway.
I think she's lovely..
x x x

Sallie said...

Cute cow!