Monday, 24 May 2010

Never Again!

Here it is, the painting that has caused me so much grief over the past couple of weeks. In ordinary circumstances I should have been able to finish this in a few afternoons, but due to the horrible surface of the canvas, I have wasted so much time going over and over the same petals and leaves in order to get them to take the paint and have even a fraction of the detail I had in mind.

It is painted in acrylics and features a sparrow (I just love those little birds!) and sprigs of apple blossom from my tree....the painting has taken so long, the blossom is long gone!

I have cut off a good two thirds of the canvas - even that caused major problems as it is so well made I could barely get a scalpel through it. It took several goes at it, ending with me bending and snapping the final thickness. I am a bit wary of this kind of job - I once ended up in Casualty having the tip of my finger glued back on after a mount-cutting incident.

So, I would be interested to hear what you have to say - was it worth it? I do know that I shall never use this canvas again, it's just not right for me.

Also feeling veeery tired after getting up at 4.55 a.m. in order to watch the final episode of Lost. But it was so worth it - I now have closure!


Laura said...

Yeah it was worth it! It looks amazing.

I used to use acrylics to paint all over my army surplus canvas bag that I used to carry my college books in. That was a tricky task so I can kind of imagine what a struggle your painting was. But well done - it's ace!

I have a huge scar on my left forefinger and that was from a similar Stanley knife incident.

Glad you enjoyed the Lost finale. I'm one of those people who've never seen it! Well, one episode but that was 2/3 of the way through and I had NO idea who anyone was. I know what you mean about closure though - I was like that on Friday night after the Ashes To Ashes finale.

I've written an essay! Best go ....

Laura x

Sallie said...

The painting is lovely! It may have been a really horrible experience for you, but the end result is absolutely beautiful.

soggibottom said...

No your not alone Laura, I haven't seen it either.

Caroline, as long as your happy. :-)

The painting might have been a pain, but as usual your painting are always worth waiting for. x x x

fhiona galloway said...

that's really lovely Caroline-nice composition and nice style :0))