Monday, 7 June 2010

Apple Blossom in Watercolour

This is my second attempt at painting the blossom on my apple tree, this time in watercolour. While I had great fun painting it, I am not sure it has worked particularly well - perhaps I have been staring at it for far too long!

Enough of blossom for now - I'm off to Birdworld in Farnham tomorrow and hopefully will get lots of reference photos for some bird paintings. That's if I get the chance while herding small children round the aviaries! One of my best days ever was going to Birdworld with The Wildlife Art Society and a group of fellow artists. We were allowed free range to paint & sketch the birds that they let loose in the Heron Theatre for an hour or so, then we spent the rest of the day doing our own thing painting where we wanted to...well I did anyway, not too sure that the others did much other than take photos! I even managed to sell one of my little watercolours of a Turaco to a Danish tourist, which paid for the entrance fee quite nicely!

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