Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Stacie's Fish Mosaic

Since my daughter has attended a weekly art and craft class at technical college, I am always excited at the end of each term to see just what her big project has been. I knew that she had been designing and making some sort of mosaic, but was not prepared for quite how large and magnificent the finished article would be! This piece is about 15 x 12 inches with a half inch thick wooden base - it is heavy. I would like to put it in one of our bathrooms but have to think about whether or not the wall will be able to cope with the weight. I'm sure we will find a suitable place to display it in all it's glory in the end.


Magpie Magic said...

Wow! You can see your daughter has inherited your artistic talent. The mosaic is lovely and the colours beautiful. I hope you find the perfect place for it. :-) xo

Sallie said...

Great job, Stacie! The mosaic is beautiful.

natural attrill said...

Wow, this is beautiful - I'd like it on my kitchen wall!
Well done Stacie.