Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon.......

With the hot weather we have been having plus copious trips to and fro with the watering can, the garden is in full bloom at last. I think for the first time ever I have had to admit that there really is no room left to jam any more plants in....although an agapanthus managed to find it's way home with me yesterday and has had to be stuffed into the top of a ceramic vase for want of anywhere else.

Lilies abound, cream ones in full bloom, pink and Stargazer almost there.

The way the honeysuckle has climbed up the stalk of my new hummingbird ornament tickles me - look at the perfect leaf formation!

Butternut squash are growing almost visibly, the courgettes aren't far behind, tomatoes are ripening and I picked the first few blueberries of a bumper crop today. We gave in to temptation and opened the velcro doors in our potato sacks today - shouldn't have done that! The blue 'Truffles' potatoes are only just starting to form and the Desiree are still quite we quickly put the earth back and shut the flap and will leave them for another couple of weeks.

We visited the 'pick your own' fruit farm yesterday and came back with a ridiculous amount of large succulent raspberries - it's jam time again! Some strawberries, gooseberries and blueberries were acquired too, but we had to walk away from the blackcurrants as they are not quite ripe. I don't know how some people cannot manage their 'five a day' portions of fruit and veg - I think we get about twice that, especially during the summer season.


Laura said...

Garden is looking fab! Those lilies are beautiful.

Love summer fruit. Those raspberries look yum. I've just got some strawberries - not PYO, just Tesco, but I love them. I'll be having them with homemade meringue and homemade ice-cream for my pudding!

Laura x

soggibottom said...

Looks as if every trip into the garden you venture into a rain forest. I love lily's, can't have them in the garden anymore as they aren't cat friendly. There is always something really graceful about them. You could always get a part time job as a gardener if your stuck :-) Don't answer that :-)
x x x