Thursday, 7 April 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

For those of you who enjoy a bit of vicarious gardening, here's an update on how things are growing here in Hampshire.  The tomatoes are getting bigger and I have started to put them into their big pots.
I lost a few today due to the sudden heatwave and me forgetting to unzip the plastic greenhouse this morning - they were not just wilted, they were crispy!  This hanging basket variety survived though.
Not many flowers as yet, but what there are are sumptious colours.
Or quite spectacular - these grow every year and are such attractive plants...but they stink like crazy!  Imagine mouldy garlic garnished with dog poo and you get an idea of their aroma.

A fellow dog walker gave me some rhubarb roots which are already sprouting like mad...mmmmm, rhubarb crumble!

We shall be having plenty of currants.....
...and even more blueberries.  There is nothing better than slopping in your slippers down the garden in the morning to gather fresh blueberries for your cereal.
The cucumbers are shooting up, as are the strawberries.  The broad beans nearly had their chips in the greenhouse incident today but I think they will recover.
I cheated with the courgette and bought a plant - the three squash are from seed though.
And the fruit trees are blossoming - this is cherry, and the pear and apple trees are not far behind. 

I still have to plant out the runner bean seeds, and there are flower seedlings still awaiting pricking out when they are a little bigger.  Let's hope this good weather gives them a kick start rather than frying them!

Be thankful that by gardening vicariously, it wasn't you that tripped up the concrete step to the patio and fell over, grazing your knee and bruising your hand....

Nothing to show craft-wise - the double dog portrait continues slowly and steadily, as does a bubble-gum pink knitted lace scarf/shawl.  As is always the case during the last week of term, exhaustion is setting in and I have trouble concentrating due to tiredness.  One more day and then it is the Easter break, whereupon I can be as arty-craft as I like for a fortnight.


Sue Doran said...

What a treat! Lots of loveies here to savour :-)

Hope your injured hand doesn't hinder your crafting over the hols!

Caroline B said...

Nah, I'm fine - injured dignity more than anything!

soggibottom said...

I can see I have lots of posts to catch up with here. Ah, I see you lost some plants... Don't worry they are still looking good Caroline :-) :-) :-) x x x