Friday, 1 April 2011

Disappointing Result.....

For the past fortnight I have had a display of some of my paintings for sale at work, with the idea that all profits would go to the Artists Help Japan fund.  Sadly, despite living in the town that boasts the most expensive housing estate in Britain, I sold a grand total of..........£5 worth.   Hmmmmm, not sure what to say about that.

Anyway, nil desperandum and all that - I've brought the paintings home and am offering them here.  They are basically works that I cannot really sell for my own profit as I have used photographs from books or magazines for reference, and they are just sitting in my portfolio gathering dust.  Others are exercises in still life or en plein air painting and not really of gallery material.  So here they are - if you see one you fancy, get in touch and we can thrash out the details.  I promise that 100% of profit will be donated to the Artists Help Japan fund.

 Still Life - Watercolour.  A3 size
Mevagissy Harbour, Cornwall - Watercolour A3 size
'Blossom' - Watercolour. A3 size
Essex Castle, ALderney - Watercolour  9 x 7 inches
Macaws in Flight - Watercolour   15 x 18 inches
'Camouflage' - watercolour  A3 size
Lemon, Mango, Apple, Apple, Tom - watercolour pigment sticks   16 x 10 inches
Basingstoke Canal - watercolour    12 x 18 inches

'Remembering Alderney' - watercolour   A4 size
Hippo - mixed media   14 x 9 inches
Mawgan Porth, Cornwall - watercolour  A4 size
Still Life - watercolour   10 x 7.5 inches
Sea Holly - Pen & Wash    9 x 7 inches
'Watching' - watercolour   8 x 12 inches
'Finders-Keepers' - watercolour    8 x 8 inches

Prices are in pounds, but I can convert them to dollars if you ask me - please note they are also knock-down prices in order to appeal to any budget and also in an effort to make some cash for Japan.
The pictures have been photographed in their cellophane wrappings, so images may be a little unclear.
What has been going on in Japan has been vastly overshadowed in the media by what's been going on in the Middle East, but that doesn't mean the situation has gone away.  Let's see if we can give a bit of help to our fellow human beings in adversity.


Magpie Magic said...

How disappointing. :-( Good luck with selling your fab pictures here. I hope you make lots of money for Japan. xoxo

soggibottom said...

You are not the only one in blog land that has felt this way trying to raise money for Japan.
£5 what on earth did they buy..... ?
What ever it was, it wasn't enough for time and effort.
Good luck and I will give you a link on Soggibottom especially for this page.
Lovely tomato plants Caroline :-) :-) :-) LOOKIN GOOD.... x x x