Sunday, 10 April 2011


After yesterday's devastation, thank goodness a tried and true procedure worked.  The painting spent the night underneath the heavy weights and when I looked at it this morning, the paper was 99% flat once more.  There is a definite weakness where the big crease was and from the back it is perceptible but luckily from the front (unless you look really close) it has gone - once the painting is framed and under glass, it will look as if nothing has happened.

I have roused myself from the apathetic resignation of yesterday and will definitely be making a complaint to Royal Mail - the more I look at my original packing, the plainer it is that something extremely heavy was placed on the parcel with blatant disregard for the large 'PLEASE DO NOT BEND' written on both sides. Not good enough chaps, just not good enough.

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Gretel said...

That is a miracle! Am so glad you managed to salvage it, but do stick a rocket up RM's backsides, not just a compensation form but a proper letter of complaint, because this would be bad enough if it were normal post, but totally out of order with special delivery.