Thursday, 21 April 2011


For all my good intentions of getting as much work done over the Easter break as possible, some things just can't be hurried.  I think more would get done if the weather wasn't so wonderful - I just can't resist pottering in the garden or strolling round the fields with the dog.
My tomatoes may be way behind in the challenge with Soggibottom, but my cucumber plant has already put out some tiny cucumbers - yay! 
And the grape vine has gone mad in the unexpected Spring heat and is not only pumping out leaves at a rate of knots, but has already got flowers.  Looks like another bumper crop this year, as long as we don't get a sudden frost.  Nothing would surprise me, a few years ago we had thick snow in, don't tempt fate!

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Houseelf said...

I know the feeling. I got up early this morning to potter in the craft room as I get so distacted in this sunshine- just pottering in the garden.

At last the camera problem is sorted so I can show UK pics.