Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Since painting the illustration for Derwent, I check their website every now and then to see if the new collection is on sale yet. Today it's finally there!  Check the link to see, although I am afraid the photos is very small.

I'm so excited - I wonder if this means it will be as an ad in the new painting magazines such as Artists & Illustrated....


Sue Doran said...

Brilliant! I have got to go buy one of these sets now, not that I will use them to do anything like what you do, I just like to have sets of pencils (specially coloured ones). DH uses them sometimes when he knocks up building plans which involve a garden or landscaping plus I am a tin obsessive (I bought two new ones today) so this product ticks more than one "very desirable" boxes for me. I hope I can find one in Cambridge this Saturday.

Magpie Magic said...

Brilliant. I am so happy with you. :-) Just wish it was bigger so your lovely painting could be seen properly! LOL xoxox