Monday, 13 June 2011

Yes, We Have No Bananas......

.....but we do have our first tiny tomatoes!  They are about the size of a marble but something is happening at last.  The larger varieties however are still getting taller....
The largest plant is nearly five feet tall - I am expecting some seriously big tomatoes to match the vines or I shall have words with them!  They are finally putting out flowers at least.
We do have peas though - we ate our first yesterday and there were enough for each of us to have a spoonful - but they were delicious and so sweet.
Elsewhere the potatoes, sweetcorn, radishes, beans and courgettes are doing nicely especially after a couple of days of much needed rain at the weekend.
I've been labouring over a mini hutch for the tiny guinea pigs - who knew it would take so long!  The wire for the front is crocheted silver thread which was then woven.  It still needs some legs and a means of fastening, then it is finished.
On the easel is a piece of work that I have had in mind for months but not had the time - it's a painting of a fellow blogger's horse and I'm doing it just for fun.  This is in watercolour and I am trying to keep it clean and simple.

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Magpie Magic said...

There may not be any bananas but your tomatoes look great. I take tomatoes over bananas any day. LOL

Your hutch looks great. Amazing bit of crafting!

The horse is looking great already too. :-) xoxo