Saturday, 24 December 2011

All Done!

I'm's lunchtime on Christmas Eve and I appear to be ready for Christmas!  What happened?  Usually it's a matter of tearing around like a headless chicken from dawn to dusk, but we've done the last minute food shopping, bought all the presents, tidied the house.....all I have left to do is a tiny bit of finishing off on a sewn gift. 

Above is an orchid which is currently flowering in my bathroom.  I bought this many months ago for half price from a garden centre as it was way past it's best.  I've never tried growing orchids before, and basically just put it on the bathroom windowsill and hoped for the best - it has certainly flourished from some healthy neglect!

The raspberry beret is finished and drying from being blocked.  I absolutely love it and am very glad I had too much of this yarn - this one is just for me, to go with the scarf.  I could knit matching wristwarmers......

I doubt I will be posting anything further between now and Boxing Day - have a peaceful and very Merry Christmas.

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Sue Doran said...

Merry Christmas, Caroline! I too appear to be almost ready ... with plenty of time left to do the last bits and pieces I want to get done before bed. No snow, no stress - that must be why! :-)