Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas......

...and I am starting to panic!  Still, at least the tree is finally up and decorated, so that's one job out of the way.  I wish I was one of these organised people who have their presents bought and wrapped by about October and their tree up on the 1st December, but it never seems to happen.  Oh well, I think we'll get there, hot, sweaty and dishevelled, but Christmas will go ahead.
After waiting for the extra ball of yarn, then discovering a fatal flaw in the border pattern and having to unpick about 2 inches of knitting...then discovering I didn't need the extra ball after all (can you tell I am just a teeny bit stressed today?)..the pink shawl was finally finished last night.  It's still drying after being blocked - takes twice as long in the winter - but I can't wait to wear it, it's so pretty!  And that spare ball of yarn will not go to waste - I've already started a matching beret....

(Excuse my slipper in the corner of the picture - at least it matches!)

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Sue Doran said...

I read this posting this morning but waited til I had more time to leave my comment and thanks to you I have had that song going round my head ALL day! :-)
LOVELY shawl!
Got my tree up a few days ago and the dining room decorated with lights and snowflakes yesterday. All I have left to do is buy one last present, do 2 (possibly 3 days) at the craft market this week, wrap the presents up, pick up the turkey, get all the veg, clean the house ... arggh, now I'm in a panic too! I'm sure we'll cope - or muddle through - as usual though!