Monday, 16 July 2012

Do You See Where This Is Going?

Despite having more work and less time to do it in than ever before, I have managed to make a start on this little knitted rockpool set.  It's been quite liberating knitting rocks - just free forming as I go and learning a little more about short row shaping at the same time.  The prawn and the anemone were already made - do you think a five year old will notice that only cooked prawns are pink?

I can't be the only one counting down until the end of term - only four more days but it feels like an eternity.  At least Sports Day has been cancelled due to a saturated field - very sad for the children, but I must admit to giving a small cheer at the thought of having the afternoon free to get those knitting needles flying!


Jo Sacker said...

why pink prawns are surely the best kind for a little girl?!? we've just endured sports day in the local RAF sports hanger due to saturated school field, the kids loved it even though their team came last! :(

Magpie Magic said...

Pink prawns are okay. They learn soon enough that life isn't pink... let them believe it is for a little longer. LOL

Looking good. xoxo