Saturday, 7 July 2012

Happy 10th Birthday!

Clovis is 10 today - I can hardly believe it!  We still think of him as a pup, possibly because he is still a bit of a delinquent at times.  We've just had a good walk, chased some rabbits (yes, me too...) and played with a ball.  He's eaten his dinner but I am sure later on he will find some room for a bit of macaroni & broccoli cheese - his second favourite, after tuna pasta bake.
He hasn't changed much over the years, a bit thicker round the middle maybe, but then aren't we all!
Happy Birthday, Monkey-Boy....


Soggibottom said...

Beautiful bandit I'm sure you had a great day. :-) x x x

Sue Doran said...

He looks very well for 10, in great condition too (shows how well you look after him). Happy 11th orbit, Clovis!