Friday, 14 June 2013

Birds For Babies...

I had a commission this week to knit a pair of bluetits.  The back story is quite touching - they are for this lady's friend whose mother recently died.  Before she died, the mother told the daughter that whenever she saw a bluetit darting about in the trees, that would be her spirit watching over the family.  Round about the same time, the daughter gave birth to twins who are currently in incubators and the bluetits are to be placed above each one to watch over the babies.  I love the fact that my work will take part in such a personal situation and hopefully give some comfort.

The birds are knitted from a pattern in the book 75 Birds, Butteflies & Beautiful Beasties to Knit and Crochet by Lesley Stanfield, an excellent source of patterns and inspiration if you want to make tiny garden creatures.

I've been playing hookey for the past couple of days - the animator has gone on holiday (Hi Sarah *wave*) so although I have a gargantuan task to get on with while she is sunning herself in exotic climes (knitted car...) I have taken the opportunity to get on with a few personal projects in readiness for a summer fair next week. This is what I decided to knit with the doll yarn - a simple triangular scarf with a delicate picot edge.  I figured the dolls and beads are enough ornamentation without anything else in the way of fancy stitchwork.  This could be for big or little girls - I think it would look great with jeans. 

I do find the look of the dolls wrapped into the ball of yarn a little disturbing, they look like they are drowning in a sea of bubblegum....

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