Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Incredible Stupidity...

We went out for the day yesterday - it was lovely, walking round a park, looking at the aninals in a little zoo, drinking in the sunshine.  However, we came home to find - yet again - our house in disarray.  The pavement was dug up, my car had a large piece of wood propped up against it and was covered in filth, and we were unable to access our front door.  We do understand that this work has to be done, but no-one had had the courtesy to advise us that it was happening that day.  So I moved my car, dusted it off and checked for damage and went inside for a cup of tea.
An hour later, after the builders had left, we went outside only to find ourselves barricaded in.  Yes, they had erected a fence and jammed it in so tightly we were in effect prisoners in our own home.  Not only that, our hedge - which my partner had spent a long time on Tuesday clipping and making perfectly straight - now had a huge hole in it where a lump of fencing had been rammed in hard.
I don't know if they think because we live on a council estate we don't matter, or if they just don't think at all.
We had to break our way out in order for a repair man to come,and to be able to take our bins out.  I dread to think what would have happened if this had happened on a day when my daughter arrives home by taxi and makes her own way to the front door.  Needless to say, words have and will be spoken to the offending parties....

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