Saturday, 29 June 2013

Yes, I'm Knitting A Car......

I don't know how people manage to cover a full size car with knitting, covering a small one takes up enough time!  So far I have done the wheels - black tyres, grey walls and silver spokes.  I'm very lucky that my partner restores vintage racing cars for a living and has therefore been able to make the basic structure for me, as well as having the forethought to drill sewing holes in the wheels for easy attachment of the knitting. I have also knitted a pair of wheel arches - the car is to be this lovely dark blue.  I chose the yarn because of it's colour but it is a thin cotton which means smaller needles and longer knitting time.  However, it looks great!
I've also received a commission for another moorhen - certainly easier to make third time round!  I did have problems with the legs though, firstly as I had run out of the really stiff wire used for the first moorhen, and secondly as all the florist tape I had bought on the internet just wasn't good enough.  I visited my local florist yesterday and managed to source a reel of the decent waxy green stuff which covers a treat. Now all he needs is a beak and his legs painted a nice bright yellow.  Oh yes, it took me three days to find his centre of gravity in order for him to stand upright steadily!
Another WIP this week is a knitted replica dog - a Tibetan terrier this time.  So far he has a bed and blanket - now to make the dog itself!  If you would like your dog made in miniature from yarn, just give me a shout!

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Magpie Magic said...

The moorhen looks fantastic. :-) Can't wait to see the car when it's finally finished. It seems incredibly work intensive. xoxo