Saturday, 8 June 2013

Feeling Almost Human...

No, it's OK, you don't have to keep watch any more, I promise things have calmed down here! In fact, we are feeling more like this....
The mongoose and the lemur sunbathing were a couple of the animals we saw at Beale Park on Wednesday before I had my run in with the builders.  We were fascinated by the way the lemur just sat in the lotus position and embraced the sunshine - I think he as the right attitude to life!

So, It's Saturday and as of lunchtime the builders have left until Monday and all is peaceful.  I've cleaned the house, been outside and planted some seedlings and tidied up the jungly bits.
The new grass is starting to grow, there are flowers on the beans, tomatoes and grapevine and it's all beginning to look pretty.
I've had time to make orange cupcakes for tea - with glitter just for Stacie!
Later I shall be clothing this little guy.  Am I odd that I love knitted zombies?  This pattern amuses me so much.

I also have to knit a radiator......not sure how yet, this could be a tricky one!

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