Sunday, 6 April 2008

200th Post!!

I can't believe this is the 200th time I have posted on here! From someone who was terrified to use the computer, let alone set up a blog or website, what a long way I've come. It has been a load of fun, I've 'met' some lovely people through this blog who share my interests and help me to realise I am not some lone oddball sitting at home painting/knitting/crocheting/beading - there are hundreds, nay thousands of us out there! Having this virtual community has given me the impetus to keep on crafting and to try harder to make and sell my bits and pieces - next stop an Etsy shop by the way, watch this space.

So by way of a thank you, as promised, there will be a '200th Post' giveaway. I have decided that Toby's idea was the best, to have a mystery prize. So all you have to do is leave your name and a comment and I'll put you in the draw - you know the routine by now! If you feel like guiding my hand by suggesting what sort of prize you would prefer, that's fine. I'll pull the name out after the 14th April.

Woke up this morning to a light frost....toddled downstairs, made a cup of tea and let the dogs out for their early-morning widdle in the garden, and absent-mindedly covered up my (struggling) banana plant on the patio just in case the weather men had got it right. Within ten minutes it had started to snow. After half an hour, it looked like this!! This is the lane behind my house that I walk the dogs on every day, which has been a sea of mud for the past 8 months. Look at it now! Felt like I had been transported to Narnia........

This was when the blizzards had stopped and the sun was struggling to come through - it was all so beautiful, clean and untouched.

And this is the state of one of my dogs after half an hour cavorting in the snow - just look at his feet! The other one had to be de-dagged entirely, he was carrying a whole collection of snow-balls attached to his legs and undercarriage. But what fun they had, running and chasing each other and exploring the 'new' countryside!

Not much to show craft-wise at the moment. I have been making a couple of things, but one is for a swap and I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet, and the other not finished. I have been other-wise occupied and not in a very creative mood. My partner handed in his notice at work 3 weeks ago out of the blue after a row (well, we knew he was thinking about it, but not quite like this....) and we have been in a constant state of fear and worry ever since! He has actually found another (better) job to carry on straight after his notice finishes on the current one - trouble is, it is in Belgium. I don't think I need to go into how much turmoil this has thrown us into - I just hope it is worth it. That, compounded with some tough days at the school job, has meant I'm not feeling terribly inspired of late! There is a painting on the way, and hopefully now that the school holidays have started I will have the time (in between getting Sir ready for the off next weekend..) to get on with it. Here's hoping....


Laura said...

I love that second photo, Caroline!

Sorry to hear the news about your partner's job. I hope you get things sorted soon.

All the best
Laura x

Magpie Magic said...

The snowy pictures are soooo pretty! Love them. Winter Wonderland. Wish we'd had that much snow, too.

natural attrill said...

I love the colours in the snow photographs, lovely shades of greys and blues.
Please add me to the draw, my fingers are crossed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline, Still like to keep an eye and your crafty skills and hear what is going on. Still love Sam! Please enter me into your draw. Cheers, Nicola

natural attrill said...

Lovely photos! please enter me into the draw too!

sara said...

Please enter me in your draw.
Many thanks