Friday, 21 February 2014

Wow, It's Big!!

I received a couple of sample packs of the new Derent Inktense set yesterday.  That's my painting there on the front, lifesize!  The box to this set is huge, when means the painting is too. It's come out really well, I'm very pleased.  Look out for this in shops soon!
We've been working all winter on replacing our shed and pond, as well as digging out the massive bamboo that had taken over the bottom of the garden.  This is it so far, a bit bleak and empty when you compare it to how it was in years gone by. Not helped by the vast amounts of rain we have had which turned the whole area into a bog.
I'm sure once the plant start growing it will soon be pretty again.
We already have some daffodils out, so Spring is on it's way.

With regard to the Inktense tutorial, it's on it's way, I'm halfway through.

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