Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Throwback Thursday

There are lots of projects going on, but as I am unable to show them at present, here's one I made earlier!  A LOT earlier!  I think this was the first acrylic I painted of an animal that I looked at afterwards and thought, hey, I can really do this!  It's very special to me and hangs in my living room as a reminder of that moment, many years ago.  I don't think I will ever sell it - for one thing I used a photograph from a book as a reference and that's a strict no-no as far as sales are concerned now.  But it is also a painting I look at when I have a crisis of confidence (happens more often than you would think!) and it helps me buck my ideas up!

No paintings on the easel at the moment as there really isn't the time in the Christmas run-up.  Plenty on the needles though - Christmas miniatures and replica dogs!

Two weeks left at the day job and I'm not regretting the decision to leave - just cannot wait to get my new routine started!

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