Tuesday, 9 December 2014

This Dog Is Just For Christmas!

I'm so busy at the moment, I feel like a headless chicken!  As usual, Christmas snuck up on me, despite the early start on the tv and in the shops, and panic is starting to set in.

I got a lovely last minute commission to recreate this little dog and his accessories.  His name is Wilbur and here he is, still a work in progress - I have to fluff his fur up with a wire brush...I have to go and buy a wire brush...and he needs his knitted coat and toy.  I have to make two of him, but the second one is not until after Christmas - phew!

I've been knitting little Christmas items like crazy in order to keep up with the Nudinits advent calendar - perhaps we should have thought of this some time back in August, but never mind!

Talking of Nudinits, there are lots of things in the pipeline for next year - it's all getting quite exciting.  I think I quit the day job at the right time -  one more week to go!

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