Sunday, 1 February 2015

Feathers & Frills

I recently had to work out a generic bird pattern for a customer, but rather than let her have all the fun, I wanted to make myself a scarf from it too.  This is the completed cockatoo scarf - it's quite short because I got bored because I thought it would be nice to have the feathers falling at the neckline a bit like a cravat.  The beak holds on to the scarf body with a nifty little aligator clip inside.
I'd like to make a green parrot in the same way, but first I really have to finish the other wips in my pile!
Like this one - a scarf knitted from novelty yarn that ruffles as you knit.  There are cute little sequins scattered about as well.  I'm tempted to keep this one when it's done - there is plenty of yarn left to make more!
And if I can get my act together, I am writing another mini tutorial on how to paint on fabric with Inktense.  It may take a couple of days as I have picked a complicated little picture because I want it as a cushion cover in my work room. 

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Anonymous said...

The scarves are lovely. Really looking forward to your new tutorial