Monday, 26 January 2015

Sew & Sew...

Now that the work room is just about finished, it's been time to use it.  I've discovered the sewing machine fits perfectly on the desk, the pretty wicker chair is actually very comfortable when sat in for a long time, and it is great to have all my materials where I can see them.  While sorting out, I found a large piece of fur fabric hidden away - we'd used it years ago to upholster the seats in our VW Beetle.  It was just the right size to make a cover for Clovis's bed - poor dog, he's had an old quilt sewn roughly over his mattress for years now and he hates the crocheted blanket I made for him.  Snuggly faux ponyskin seems to have gone down well though!
I've also sewn a backing to a large piece of patchwork made by my mother - I am sure some of these fabrics are from summer dresses she made for me as a child.  I hated them at the time, but now it is a lovely reminder of days gone by and I am in awe of the patience my mum must have had to make this.  My sister has the double bed version!

Still to be sewn are some cushion covers, then the room can be officially declared finsihed!

On the needles...designing a little character for a new animation.

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Sue Doran said...

That is definitely one comfy doggie! Super quilt!