Friday, 3 July 2015

Ready To Go!

Finished these at 11 last night, just making the deadline for postage today.  So relieved and I know which yarn supplier I won't rely on in a pinch next time.  Love Knitting saved my bacon by delivering in under 24 hours - this is the kind of thing that gets remembered for future orders.

Funny how I'm crocheting the things that terrify me - real geckos have me screaming and running for the hills.  I discovered that when living in Greece - I'm not usually a girly screamer at anything but they had me petrified, who knows why.  At least the crochet ones won't scamper around the bedroom celing or shed their tails when confronted....*shudder*...

1 comment:

Sue Doran said...

Perhaps in a past life you were eaten by some kind of reptile, maybe a crocodile! Seriously, super work, the geckos are gorgeous, I've never seen one in the wild.