Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sun & Sunflowers

I do love the summer, but it is quite detrimental to me getting any work done. The pull of the outdoors is very strong, especially this year when there are no builders next door, the weather is good and everything in the garden really is lovely!

So there has not been much painting going on, something that I feel bad about and yesterday decided to  kick start myself back into action.  These sunflowers are in a vase but I transported them out into the garden and painted outside.  I used watercolours on a piece of Yupo paper - Yupo paper is very strange stuff.  It is incredibly thin, made of plastic and completely non-absorbent.  Which means the paint does not behave in a way I am used to!  Even with the warm weather, it took a long time to dry and initially I was fairly annoyed at  my choice of medium.  Then I discovered that I could use the watercolours thickly and push the paint around as if it was acrylics or oils.  So this made my style of painting change radically, and I ended up having a lot of fun with it - as well as painting very fast in order to finish it before having to feed the troops!

I'm not sure this is a way I would choose to work on a regular basis, but it did get a brush in my hand and something down on paper.

Currently on the needles: another Clanger, some very weird stuff for Nudinits, and still slogging away at a summer top for myself. 

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