Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Third Clanger

This little Clanger is all done, ready for his trip across the Atlantic - funny how all the Clangers I've made have gone to the USA.  As I make each one, I learn how to do them better - the waistcoat on this one is made with double layers of felt, which gives it a bit more stability, and I have punched holes in it for the leather thonging to pass through.
The actual knitting of these takes less time than the assembly - there is a lot of fiddling around with feet, fingers and of course the waistcoat.  Fun though, and it's hard not to make the sound effects as the Clanger takes shape...boop-boop-beep-boop...
Inbetween paid work, I'm knitting myself a triangular scarf in this navy & white self-striping yarn.  I didn't read the description properly when I bought this as I was so excited at having found the striping yarn I was after, and it is actually aran weight which makes it a bit chunky - I had planned on making socks.  I know there is self-striping sock yarn in this colourway somewhere out there, I just can't find it - any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Today's challenge - a knitted barbeque & all that goes with it.  Almost there, just figuring out the twiddly bits!

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