Friday, 10 July 2015

Working Fast...

 This is a 45 minute watercolour of a vase & bottle that I did during my lesson with a student yesterday.  I must confess I found it as hard as he did, but I do believe that if a child sees an adult struggling with something as well, they will feel better about their own work.  It's demoralising for anyone to try their hardest and then see someone else do the same thing with little to no effort, especially children who find it hard to understand that I have been painting for nearly fifty years more than they have!  I'm pleased with my finished little painting - it gives my brain a workout too.
I'm in the middle of making a Clanger to go to the USA.  Fiddly things to assemble, the pattern is the old 1972 version and is sketchy to say the least!  This one needs some hands, feet and a tunic, then he's good to go.

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