Tuesday, 6 October 2015

I've Been Picked!

I was very chuffed this week to find out one of my pet portraits has been selected for the Artists & Illustrators magazine Editors Pick.

I wonder if I'll have one in the actual magazine?

I'm feeling a little apprehensive over the contents of this month's Art & Parcel - charcoal, a giant graphite stick, graphite powder? After the white ink/diffuser debacle earlier this week, I'm not sure I should be let loose with any of these!


Gretel said...

Well done and well deserved! I'd be a bit wary of the graphite powder - the potential there for all kinds of messiness. Or maybe it would be fun,,,

Caroline B said...

I've had a little go with the graphite powder and I don't think it's for me - I need no extra help to get covered in stuff while I'm drawing/painting & this is messy with a capital M!