Friday, 2 October 2015

Lazy Bum...

I have about 6 WIP's on the go this week, as well as a painting.  I have been putting some work in, but as Mr.B is off work for a week and the weather has been beautiful, we have been out and about while we can.
After discovering that Clovis can travel in the car without throwing up (always a bonus!), we took him for his first visit to the beach.  He was a bit overwhelmed by it all - that's a lot of sea!

He spent some time off lead, but then saw a pretty greyhound that took his fancy and sprinted off over the dunes in pursuit, so had to be kept on the lead for the rest of the day, just in case.
We had a picnic on the beach, I even went paddling, and Stacie came home slightly sunburnt.  Not bad for 1st October in Britain!

Currently on the needles: a gorilla, a scarf, a blanket, some wristwarmers...
Being sewn: a tweed triceratops
On the easel: a fishing bear - three dog portraits waiting in the wings


Gretel said...

Oh, lovely beach - I want to go paddling now! Its a good job you did make the most of the weather, looks as if that's it for a while.

Sue Doran said...

I love the seaside! You picked the right day for it :-)