Sunday, 7 August 2016


 Whilst I am not being very creative - summer turns my brain to mush it would appear - let's see what is growing in the garden.  The exotic plants are doing pretty well this year.
 Just don't ask me the names of some of the plants - I know this as the pineapple flower.
 My prized echium, pinched from a driveway in Alderney and brought home squished in an ice cream carton, seems to be doing fine.
 The cucamelon plant has lots of fruit slowly growing - can't wait to eat these as the last time I grew them we had to share the only two fruit between us!
First time I have attempted to grow physalis - frustrating not to be able to see the fruit inside it's little lantern and I have to refrain from squeezing it to feel how big it's grown in there!

At the same time inside the house, I have a feeling the bird of paradise plant may be putting out a flower - not getting excited just yet, but it's looking hopeful.


Sue Doran said...

Ha ha, you're as bad as me, I swiped some alchemilla mollis seedings from a driveway last month, I've got three good sized plants now! All looking good, hope you get your creative mojo back soon!

Gretel said...

My mother was a devil for appropriating cuttings, but they always did very well! Chinese lanterns are fab, perfect for those 1970s dried arrangements. :-)