Friday, 19 August 2016

Snow In Summer...

Just for a change, I have been crocheting some snowflakes.  Got a great pattern book and some sparkly thread and off we go.  These are fun to make, relatively quick (when you are not engrossed in watching the Olympics!) and so pretty.
Also been working on this - the end is in sight, just got to add some chicks and finish off the ground and we're done.  Sounds easy, but it will take a few more sessions.

I've also been building furniture - after a visit to the new Ikea branch just down the road from us, I was inspired to finally replace the nasty old bedroom furniture we have had for about 20 years, a lot of which was second hand even then.  So far I have build two chests of drawers and a bedside table for our bedroom, and over the weekend will be building a new bed & some bookshelves for Stacie's room and generally sorting through all her stuff and clearing out the trash...I may be some time!

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