Thursday, 25 August 2016

Snow, Sun & Soreness...

I've not had an awful lot of time for crafting this week, but have been crocheting these pretty little snowflakes.  I'm glad they are small and don't cover my lap in heavy hot wool as it has been a little warm this week.

The reason I've not had much time for craft is that I have been completely refurbishing my daughter's room - it hasn't been done for years and as she is a chronic hoarder (can't think where she gets it from) it was quite a mammoth task.  I've chucked out all the ancient furniture, bought some lovely new stuff from Ikea which I have been building and arranging so that she has a proper grown-up room with plenty of space and her possessions where she can see them, but also tidy.  Having Down's Syndrome means that if something is out of sight, it generally gets forgotten, so we have had years of her clothes being in piles on the spare bed, which looked awful but meant she could choose her outfits easily.  Her new bed has three large drawers underneath in which I have been able to put her clothes in a way she can see & choose with ease.  Also because of her DS, her room is full of beloved toys and books that I have not been able to cull, despite her being 28 years old.  Hopefully with her new bookshelves I will be able to keep the ones she wants, quietly throw away the really babyish stuff, and restore order!  It's been a lot of hard work, not helped by a mini heatwave - so much sweat - and I am aching all over.  Hopefully it should all be done by the weekend and I can get back to my easel.

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