Saturday, 20 October 2007

Amigurumi Monkey Madness!

Since buying the Japanese Felt Mascot book, I have been enthralled with the style of these toys and keep looking on the net at all the books that are available - I know what I'll be asking for for Christmas this year! There is also a type of toy called Amigurumi (literally crochet doll) which I feel I could get addicted to as well - I found a picture of a little monkey with his banana shoulder bag and just had to try and make my own. Not so easy when all you have is a fuzzy print from a small illustration on the computer. My first attempt is the larger one - I think he is very cute but he wasn't small enough. Yesterday while having another search, I came across some basic instructions for these Amigurumi toys and realised where I had gone wrong, so had another go using their technique and thus came about the smaller monkey. I'd still like him to be even smaller, but now I have got the idea maybe I can experiment further. More to come I feel!

I shan't be posting for a while - I'm off to see my sister in Athens. I am definitely planning an excursion to the big bead shops and will hopefully be coming home with another big bag of booty! This time, after a year of making and selling jewellery, I have a better idea of what to look for and what to avoid, although I bet I still come back with some beads just because they are pretty....


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Laura said...

I love the monkeys and their banana bags are great!

Have a lovely time in Athens and happy bead shopping!

Laura x

Bronwen said...

enjoy your trip and don't forget to share some pics

Tracy J said...

To make a really small monkey, use crochet thread that comes on spools instead of yarn, and a "steel" crochet hook. These type hooks are smaller than regular sizes and designed to work with the special thread, usually for making doilies and such.

Here's an example of thread crochet amigurumi bear:

(found your blog through Google alerts for amigurumi!)