Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Surprise Parcel & Rather Wonky Dog

After a hard day at work today (teaching art to 6/7 years olds....) it was lovely to come home and find a parcel waiting for me from my friend Eleni in Boston. She had said she was going to send me some turquoisonite beads but when I opened the envelope, all the above came out! So I have lots of goodies to play with as well as a picture of her artists' loft apartment(wish they had things like that here!) and a Greek recipe for dandelions complete with photo. I must be rather odd because although I love everything, my favourite little bit is the piece of material with a grasshopper and a butterfly among the flowers - I am wondering what I can make to show the insects off to their best advantage. Thank you Eleni - that really brightened my day!
Sometimes you make something and it just doesn't turn out how you expect. The above little dog was made in brown chenille yarn which just would not knit up properly, no matter how small the needles or tight I kept it. As a result, the poor little chap looks a tad moth-eaten, with his stuffing showing and one ear definitely drooping (not unlike my own dog really - check back in the blog to see the resemblance!) So I decided to make him a little coat to cover up his leaky belly and used blue cotton yarn, which also decided to turn out rather lumpy and misshapen. So I am not sure what to do with him - should I put him up for sale at a lower price than all his buddies? Should I keep him out of sympathy? Should I offer him up for adoption on here? Please help me decide his fate! Scruff has been sold and has a lovely home with a small boy who says Scruff will be his best toy.......aaaaah!


natural attrill said...

Hi Caroline,
I dont know about this dog in particular, but if you made some toys even more threadbare with stuffing showing, frayed nose, ear half chewed off etc, you could start a lovely range of 'new vintage'.

Caroline B said...

Then I'd end up keeping them all - I'm a sucker for a lame duck!

Sue said...

He's definitely got the look of 'pre-loved'! ;-)