Thursday, 4 October 2007

More Sea-Glass, Fish and a Frog.....

After our visit to the beach the other day, I now have a few bits of sea-glass to work with. I made the above pendant with a large piece which must have been the top of a bottle at some time. I didn't think it needed any more embellishment, so have strung it on a simple leather thong. £10 + P&P
The middle necklace is a piece of brown glass with gold-plated wire; one side of the chain is wire spirals, the other is wire and coppery glass seed beads. This is a very 'warm' looking necklace, as the gold-plated wire has an antique look to it. £15 + P&P SOLD
The end pendant is not made of sea-glass but with a couple of deep turquoise frosted beads bought at the last bead fair I went to. They are mounted on silver wire and hung on a simple leather thong. £10 + P&P SOLD
I also made the above bracelets last night (talk about being on a roll!) The first one is made with AB coated pale blue glass fish alternating with clear glass cube beads, all on silver wire. Looks really good on as the beads shine and shimmer. £7 + P&P SOLD
The second bracelet is for a child and made with a selection of soft pink beads and silver wire. This one was for a commission and is already SOLD

The above is one of the fabulous hand made glass beads that I bought from Clearly Glass. I had trouble getting the beads to stand up and stay in focus, so this is the best picture I can get for now - he is a cute little green tree frog with pale spots on his back, sitting on a big blue/black glass bead. The other one I have is slightly smaller, with a bright red frog on a mottled red bead. I am still working out how to use these to their best advantage as they really need to be seen upright to be appreciated. If you would like similar beads, check out Clearly Glass on the links to your left - they are very helpful and extremely reasonably priced.

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natural attrill said...

Hi Caroline,
I really like the top middle necklace, the way it's asymetrical with spirals on one side.