Monday, 29 October 2007

Who wants to be back? Not me!

This is what I was doing on Saturday 27th October ........sigh! We had a day trip to an island called Aegina and spent the day pottering about,

eating squid and fish at a taverna on the beach, visiting a local archeological site

and picking up shells.....jealous yet?

We stayed in Athens with my sister and had several days in the city - we visited the El Greco exhibition, which was amazing. The paintings looked so fresh and new especially considering they were painted over 500 years ago. His style of painting also seemed very modern compared to other artists of that time.

We had a day looking at the bead shops, and I came home having spent far too much money on a sack of beads and findings. I didn't take any photos of the big shops as I was too busy rummaging through their stocks in a bead frenzy, but down in the flea market, Monastiriki, they also have several bead shops....

...although by this time I'd had enough and didn't buy anything from here. We went and had some souvlaki on a street corner, looked at all the stalls and then wended our weary way back home.

I even had some time to do a bit of crafting - thank you to Tracy J who gave me a link to a Amigurumi bear pattern just before I left - and made these little chaps:

I also fell in love with a little bag my sister made - the photo doesn't really show the workmanship - all fully lined and beautifully sewn. She was wondering how these bags would sell over here - perhaps you can give me your thoughts!
And so today it is back to work, and I have already done three washing machines full - ho hum!


Bronwen said...

Looks great!
Well done with the crochet and the washing. I think that's the worst bit!

natural attrill said...

I want to be there!! - in the top photo, paddling in the sea.
So,so, many beads, sometimes I glaze over with too much choice and cant decide what I like.
Looking forward to seeing what jewellery you make next.

Helz said...

Yep, I'm very envious Caroline!! Glad you enjoyed your hols, that bead shop is mouth-watering!!
Helz x

Laura said...

Nice to have you back, Caroline!

Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time. Great bead photos - love the lovely beads!

Laura x

Sue said...

Looks like you had a great time, Caroline. Those bead's funny, I don't use beads but I get excited just looking at shops like that! Do you think it could be an arty impulse, to do with the sight of lovely colours and textures?
Nice bag too. :-)