Saturday, 13 October 2007

Shells & Spirals

Been back at the jewellery, giving my eyes a rest after the felt cat! The above is a little necklace made with a gold seagull charm, tiny white cockle shells and blue glass beads, all hung on gold coloured wire. £15 + P&P
I got Bead Style magazine this week and saw a necklace made with thick wire spirals bound together with thinner wire and decided to have a go - so I shut the magazine thinking I had memorized the design and ploughed ahead with the old florists wire and thin silver wire, hung some blue glass leaves off it, made a silver chain and clasp, then opened the magazine and discovered my necklace bore very little resemblance to theirs! I think I went a bit OTT with the spirals and it's a bit like a very fancy piece of armour...but I do like it! I decided to quit while I was ahead and not hammer the wire flat as in the magazine - knowing my luck, I'd ruin two hours work! (I had already managed to kick over my large tray full of beads/findings/wire/shells - great......) £15 + P&P
This is a simple chain in dark blue wire with bright pink glass beads (the photo doesn't show just how bright they are) and five dark blue faceted glass beads as focals at the bottom. The chain is quite long, it goes over the head with no clasp. £15 + P&P


natural attrill said...

My favourite is the top sea themed necklace, very pretty Caroline!

I know what you mean about knocking beads over. The front door to our house is in my studio, and Toby's desk right next to it. Laurence came home with the weekly shop and accidently knocked a whole tray of beads on the floor, some even rolled outdoors. They were all Toby's expensive and vintage beads, I spent about an hour picking them all up.


Penguin & Fish said...

OOOO, I like how that metal swirly necklace turned out. Pretty!

backpakker said...

I really liked the first necklace